This blog was created to help you discover who your child is and what they were born to do. We act as though they are puppets on a string and are supposed to just do what we say. Well, I would like to inform you that since they were not born with instructions, you have to encourage, support and love them. Your child is a Gift from God. Learning what your child’s true gift and purpose is kind of makes the journey of raising them a little easier.

Allow us to assist you with parenting tips, inspiring activities and advice that will help with self-esteem, building relationship and a brighter future.

Nicole Butler

This is an EXCELLENT program! I’ve watched so many children,(including mine) bloom in their careers under the leadership of these wonderful programs offered by A&B productions!

Nicole Toombs

You are their inspiration!! Thank you for teaching them how to work it!!! Nicole, meeting you on the set of The Hack changed their lives.

Rose Jackson

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