Help Children Build Self-esteem and Find Their Dream

In the bible, Psalms 139 mentions, “God has given each one of us a gift, but the gift is not just for us, it’s to inspire & help others”. Our gifts and talents are not our own needs, they are to bring inspiration and help to others. Keep reading and I will explain.

Help your child find their true gift and cultivate it. If you are not sure what to do, you may want to start by seeking someone who has the expertise in areas of what your child enjoys.  Then start by requesting training or mentorship for them.

As a parent, you play a BIG role, just by supporting your child. Be the cheerleader. Let your child know you recognize what he or she is doing.  Continue encouraging them to do great things. Don’t be discouraged if your little one wants to begin something today and later decides they want to do something totally different. Remember they are young and will explore many gifts until they find what their true calling is. One thing we as parents do wrong is get angry. We pay for classes or make other sacrifices then our little one wants to quit. Just take a deep breath, recall that you may have done the same when you were their age. They may be unsure of what they really want to do right now or who they want to become, until they are much older. 

I can recall my oldest daughter, having an interest in writing poetry when she was only 6 years of age. I saw something in her and began seeking platforms for her to showcase her poetry. I submitted her writings to poetry contests in which she won several awards. A few years later, she was offered an opportunity to be a young journalist for a local newspaper. By the age of 16, she had written her first stage play. When she graduated high school, she attended college to pursue a career in Journalism. After several years of supporting and guiding her, she decided to change her major to something totally different.  I was disappointed and angry. Yes, of course I was, because I saw her gift. It seemed to mean nothing because she didn’t see it for herself. I had to stop, step back, check myself and breath. I also had to realize that this was her life. I had to allow her to grow and do what she loved. I chose not to find myself living my life through her, which many parents do. This had to be something she wanted for herself. Years later, she realized that her true gift was writing and she just could not Escape it. She knew that this was what she was born to do. Today she’s an author of several books. 

When you realize and discover your child’s talent, evaluate the situation first to make sure he or she is ready to move onto their next phase. When they are ready, be there to support and love them.  For instance; if your child enjoys gardening, help them grow in that area by letting them select some seeds and learn to plant in a pot or designated area in your yard. Teach them how to maintain it. You may not have the skills, remember there’s always experts to help or “How To” videos on YouTube. No matter what their interest is, believing in them is enough.  Every child has a voice, whether it be through singing, dancing, poetry, baking, drawing, experimenting in science projects or just helping in your community. Pay attention, you may notice other areas of interest, to name a few; nursing, designing, or an array of industries.  All children have messages to share. They can use what they have to help and inspire others. No matter what they chose, do some research to help develop their skills.  Always remember to make realistic plans to guide them in the right direction. 

If you have a child that’s shy, you can encourage them to know that they are special.  Help them find their voice and strengths. Nurture them to build their self-esteem. Children are our future, so begin today by preparing them for a better tomorrow.

N. Butler


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