Using Gifts and Talents To Inspire Others

Everyone is born with a GIFT or TALENT. Some know what they are created to do right away, while others are trying to find theirs. Most people use their talents for self-glory (They just want to see their name in lights) or some use it for riches. Those goals are good and may be short lived. It’s a struggle to remain on top and usually it’s a fake lifestyle covered up by fame. A lot of people you see that are famous will tell you that they are not really happy. They are not truly happy because they are not living in their full purpose. We were all born with a true PURPOSE. Your true purpose should be used to help others. Gifts and talents weren’t given to you for your own gain, but to help and inspire others.

For example; just think of someone singing at an event, bellowing a great tone, can enlighten an audience, and if the words are inspiring, it may bring tears to your eyes. Someone else who may be going through something at that moment, the message in that song may cause that person to smile or let them know that things aren’t that bad after all. Another example is someone performing an inspirational dance piece.  The dance might give hope to encourage them to start taking dance lessons. Look at it like this, it can be similar to a wildfire. It’s something that can inspire many. Here’s another scenario: If a child has a lemonade stand, another child standing close by may see them making money and hear the customers responding to how good the lemonade is. This just might cause that child watching to want their own lemonade business.

When we pursue our gifts and talents, we have no idea how it impacts others.  We should want to help bring joy, healing and a brighter future to the child waiting in the wings.

There are plenty of people with similar gifts like you. Always remember, each one of you are unique, because there’s only ONE you. 


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