When you see positive things arising in your child you may want to capitalize on it. Kids sometimes mimic what they see in adults. For instance, if they see someone operating a business like a baker, a seamstress, a crafter, etc, they sometimes set in their little minds that they want to become the same when they grow up. You can help cultivate your child by directing him or her on the right path. The earlier, the better. Do some research and find D.I.Y videos, workshops or information online similar to their interest. Often, the early beginnings help over the years. Who says they have to wait until they become actual adults before they can start their own business.

There’s lots of kids that start their own business at a young age and begin making money. If your child shows a great interest in being a Baker or own a Bakery, why not set them up in the kitchen next to you and allow them to do Hands-On baking projects. Start small by making cookies and gradually move onto other things such as, cake decorating, pastry chef or homemade buttery biscuits. You would be surprised at what they can do or how fast they can learn. They can begin building their clientele by reaching out to a few family members and friends. Who wouldn’t want to support a child doing something positive. This just may be the beginning of something great. If it doesn’t work, at least you can say you gave it a try. Other things you can prepare your child to do is some planning by creating a vision board. Teach them some banking skills using counting and saving techniques. Also try to strengthen their communication skills by allowing him or her to call family and friends (potential clients). And of course encourage your child to practice their craft every chance they get, so it can enhance their product and service.

They are not too young to get started. Start now and watch your little Entrepreneur blossom.


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