Let Others TOOT Your Horn For You

You may have heard of the saying…“Don’t TOOT your own horn”. To me, it’s not looked upon in good taste. Allow others to toot it for you.  

For example, when our children achieve something like; booking a role on a television show or graduating from school, we usually spend most of our time posting it on social media or calling our loved ones on the phone. True or False? That’s just what we do. We want the world to know our baby did something outstanding! There’s nothing wrong with that but, do people care? Do they really rejoice with you? Half of you already know the answer. Most people may not be as excited as you are. When we post on social media or place a call, we notice only a few comments in return.  Maybe instead of posting to say “HEY, LOOK AT WHAT MY CHILD DID” (Boasting, of course)!!! We are all guilty of that.  On occasion, maybe we should consider posting what your child accomplished in a way it may benefit others. I think then you’ll have their attention. For example; Try posting a bit of  Great News like, Jessica received her 2nd trophy and crown for Miss Photogenic in the MMV Pageant. Participating helped her develop self-esteem and feel great about herself. Thank you, #ToniWelch, for presenting this opportunity to Jessica. (This post shared that Jessica not only received an award but mentioned how it benefited her. Notice that the accolade also brings awareness to the pageant or those who helped her get interested).  If another parent sees this post, they may be interested in getting their little girl involved and hoping that it may add value to their child in a similar manner.

When people look at what your child has achieved, they may see that their child could have an equal or comparable chance as well, and they may comment and share your story. Help get people enthusiastic; they will be your mouthpiece.

Don’t TOOT your own horn. Let others do it for you.


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