3 Creative Gifts To Give

Children are usually taught to give to others, usually during 
birthdays and special holidays. If they can not afford to 
purchase a gift, there are other creative ways that they can 
give to others. Sometimes the gifts that are thought out and 
put together by themselves are appreciated most.

*If your child sings or plays an instrument, then this is a 
good time they create a special song for that special someone. 
*If your child is a crafty person, then this is a great time 
to allow him or her to create those creative gifts.
(Plenty of ideas on the internet) 
*If your child likes to cook or bake, this may be a great 
time to help him her with baking a cake or some cookies to 

Your child can use whatever it is that they have, and add 
that special touch when making that special gift. I'm sure 
it will be cherished forever.

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