Teach Children How To Clean Their Rooms

Let me ask you a question...

How many of you have tried to teach your child(ren) a lesson on how to clean their room and it did not work?

I'm sure we all have. 

I experienced this years ago, and it didn't pan out so well. My husband and I would tell our children to clean their rooms but, after several warnings, we decided to force them to do it by giving them a hand (of course, enforcing tough discipline). While they were at school, we would pull their clothes and other items from under the beds, out of closets and pile them high in the middle of the floor. I am quite sure you can imagine the looks on their faces when they got in from school. I know some of you can relate.

As parents, we were thinking that this might help them, but it didn't. We did not pay attention to how they felt or would be affected by our actions. Well, years later, our adult children told us that our method of teaching them to clean their rooms only made them furious.

We really thought we were teaching them a lesson, but never realized we should have used a different approach, instead of expecting them to just jump right in and do what we demanded of them. For instance, we should have taken the time to show them how to clean their rooms. Have you ever thought that maybe they do not know how to organize, and properly clean?  I believe most of us have a problem with organizing and cleaning up ourselves. If my husband and I had only taught them to organize, it may have been a better outcome. Maybe if you learn from our mistakes and take time to teach your children to LABEL, FOLD, PACK THINGS and DECORATE in order to make their rooms  presentable, then hopefully this method might be more effective.

When they are comfortable in their own space, they enjoy it more and they take care of it much better. 

Next time, your little one is asked to clean their room, hopefully, you roll up your sleeves and jump in to lend a hand.


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