Nicole Butler

I am a Creative Opportunity Leader. Ever since I was a young girl, I could remember pulling all the kids in my neighborhood to do summer camps in my basement or backyard. We would learn crafts, short skits, dance moves and much more. During our block parties or some weekends, we would perform and share dance routines, creative projects and what ever we could come up with. Years later, I raised five children which allowed me to continue creating fun activities to keep them engaged and motivated. In 1998, God gave me the vision to start A & B Productions which is a non‐profit organization that provides services in the creative areas of television, film, fashion and entrepreneurship, utilizing and honing the talents and skills.

It’s been a honor to have taken so many youth under my wings and offer them several opportunities. It really touches my heart to see that years later, they have grown to become LEADERS and advanced in their careers.