Teach Children How To Clean Their Rooms

Let me ask you a question… How many of you have tried to teach your child(ren) a lesson on how to clean their room and it did not work? I’m sure we all have. I experienced this years ago, and it didn’t pan out so well. My husband and I would tell our children to clean their rooms but, after several warnings, we decided to force them to do it by giving them a hand (of course, enforcing tough discipline). While they were at school, we would pull their clothes and other items from under the beds, out of closets and pile them … Continue reading Teach Children How To Clean Their Rooms

3 Creative Gifts To Give

Children are usually taught to give to others, usually during birthdays and special holidays. If they can not afford to purchase a gift, there are other creative ways that they can give to others. Sometimes the gifts that are thought out and put together by themselves are appreciated most. *If your child sings or plays an instrument, then this is a good time they create a special song for that special someone. *If your child is a crafty person, then this is a great time to allow him or her to create those creative gifts. (Plenty of ideas on the … Continue reading 3 Creative Gifts To Give

Let Others TOOT Your Horn For You

You may have heard of the saying…“Don’t TOOT your own horn”. To me, it’s not looked upon in good taste. Allow others to toot it for you.   For example, when our children achieve something like; booking a role on a television show or graduating from school, we usually spend most of our time posting it on social media or calling our loved ones on the phone. True or False? That’s just what we do. We want the world to know our baby did something outstanding! There’s nothing wrong with that but, do people care? Do they really rejoice with you? … Continue reading Let Others TOOT Your Horn For You

Don’t Hate… Why Not Celebrate!!!

When you are scrolling through your social media, where do you stop? On a Cute Kitten post or a Political Ad? Or maybe a friend is bragging about their child? If it’s your friend’s post, do you click on “LIKE” or do you roll your eyes? How many times have you thought to leave a comment? This post is to inform you of what other people could be thinking. I know we say to ourselves, “If she posts just one more thing about her child, I’m gonna…” Well, people are enthusiastic about what they accomplish or what their child achieves. … Continue reading Don’t Hate… Why Not Celebrate!!!


When you see positive things arising in your child you may want to capitalize on it. Kids sometimes mimic what they see in adults. For instance, if they see someone operating a business like a baker, a seamstress, a crafter, etc, they sometimes set in their little minds that they want to become the same when they grow up. You can help cultivate your child by directing him or her on the right path. The earlier, the better. Do some research and find D.I.Y videos, workshops or information online similar to their interest. Often, the early beginnings help over the … Continue reading DEVELOPING YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS


It’s back-to-school time! Many of us are so over this whole situation. We are all worrying about how school is going to operate. A lot of us need to get back to work and kids need to be back to school, so proper plans need to be in place. If we all follow protocol, we can be assured that we all will be safe. Things to remind your child as well as yourself; *Wear a mask *Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart  *Wash hands  *If sick, stay home to avoid spreading germs Along with practicing the things above, make … Continue reading READY…SAFE…GO!

Using Gifts and Talents To Inspire Others

Everyone is born with a GIFT or TALENT. Some know what they are created to do right away, while others are trying to find theirs. Most people use their talents for self-glory (They just want to see their name in lights) or some use it for riches. Those goals are good and may be short lived. It’s a struggle to remain on top and usually it’s a fake lifestyle covered up by fame. A lot of people you see that are famous will tell you that they are not really happy. They are not truly happy because they are not living … Continue reading Using Gifts and Talents To Inspire Others