Three Ways To Have Hope In A Chaotic World

We are now living in a world where there are so many oppositions that are against us, as well as, for us. We may think that our children are not aware of what is happening, or they aren’t affected, truth be told, we’re wrong. You may think they are not paying attention to the perilous journey through hostile territory of civil unrest.  Rest assured, their radars on. They are aware of our conversations and are listening as we speak daily on these issues. They also may be bombarded with information seen on social media. Whether you believe it or not, children experience anxiety just as much as adults. We should try to shield them from too much exposure so it will not overwhelm them.

With all the chaos in the atmosphere now, they may experience a since of loneliness and may be afraid.  They may think that there will not be a future for them. As adults, it is our responsibility to make sure we educate our children. There has to be a discussion about these issues of today. We must make sure that their young minds, stay focused, productive and full of hope.

Being that they are our future Leaders, they will take this world where the universe intended it to be. Let’s guide and steer their heads in the right direction. One major factor is to keep them WORRY-FREE, PRAY with them and make sure that we are DISPLAYING A POSITIVE WAY of handling situations now and years to come. Remember, they learn from watching us.

We must teach them how not to be fearful but, put their trust in the Lord. He will handle everything. If we believe that He has us, then there’s no need to be afraid.

Make sure to keep their young minds fertile and occupied in mindful tasks to assist them of seeing a brighter road that is ahead of them. The world awaits, they are our next generations of Leaders.

Models: Ian Joel Berrios and Micheal Welch


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